For the tennis purest that is looking for top-grade, modern inspired garments with a retro feel that will inspire your daily on court activities, then checking out the latest collection from Vollaix is a must.

Designed with the passion of tennis in mind, founder Brian Purdie continues to be the master-mind behind this funky and eclectic collection.

If you’ve missed the denim shorts of yesteryear, there’s no reason to panic: Vollaix has a Miami Denim Short that is sure to make you the best-dressed player on court. Featured in a rustic blue, the Miami Denim Short also comes in a dusty black version that’s coined the Damian Denim.

Constructed with premium materials, our personal favorites in the line consist of the Coral Red Naples Track Jacket in sharp orange and the Spring Yellow Ponte Vedra in white with lemon. If you’re still craving more denim in your wardrobe on or off court, then we would highly recommend the Miami Denim Hat or Damian Denim Hat in blue or black.

The chic women’s line also features great statement pieces, headed by the Rose (a dress that pays tribute to the Battle of Sexes Movie); the Jill Pullover in black and white, which outlines an asymmetrical shape with oversized chrome zippers, and finally, the Pleated Black Skirt, which highlights safety shorts sewn in for added support and comfort.

To say that Volliax is not your typical tennis line would be an understatement. Every piece in the collection has a story behind it and every item has been carefully constructed to insure top grade performance and comfort.

If you’re looking to spice up your tennis collection and bring forth an added buzz to your next league or tournament match, then it’s time to take the next step and checkout the detailed offerings from Volliax.

Premier tennis apparel never looked so good!


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