ProSqueeze, the World’s Best Tension Relieving Tool, Launches on Kickstarter

San Francisco, CA – Invented by a massage therapist, and designed for anyone who
walks, exercises, uses a computer or lives in our modern world, ProSqueeze is an
extraordinary new tool that quickly melts tension the arms, hands, legs and feet. Its
Kickstarter campaign launches on April 9, 2017.

We all have tension that’s created by repetitive movements. When not effectively
released, tension can cause injuries that prevent you from staying active, earning a
living and enjoying life. This is where ProSqueeze comes in: it works by generating
sustained squeezing pressure that softens overworked muscles and melts tight
connective tissues. Simply place the foam pads around the tight area, give the lever
a few squeezes until the pressure is just right, and sit back and enjoy the release.

“I have been doing massage for over 30 years and I’ve seen a lot of massage tools out
there,” says Art Riggs, best-selling author and worldwide massage teacher. “ProSqueeze is easily the best product I’ve used. It’s precise, user-friendly and extremely effective.”

“As a professional bodyworker, I used to have tight forearms, painful wrists and aching
hands that nearly ended my career,” says Govinda Bader, founder of TheraBody
Technologies and inventor of ProSqueeze. “After two years of engineering and
prototyping, I developed ProSqueeze. Now I can release my arm and hand tension
without having to hire a massage therapist or exert a lot of energy doing self-massage.”

“Working at a computer and using a smartphone all day takes a toll on my hands and
wrists,” says Matt, a ProSqueeze beta tester. “I like how ProSqueeze allows me to
remain at my desk while using it and gives me immediate relief.”

Launching on Kickstarter in April 2017, with a $25,000 goal, ProSqueeze is a simple, smart, efficient tool for computer workers, massage therapists, runners, nursing mothers
and everyone else who accumulates stress and tension in their body.

Designed with safety and efficacy in mind, ProSqueeze emulates the “pin and stretch”
massage technique—wherein a massage therapist places a “pin” (usually a thumb or
elbow) into the belly of the muscle and has the client make a movement (e.g. flex/extend the wrist) away from the pin to create the stretch. The pin keeps the stretch from spreading throughout the rest of the muscle, which concentrates the release to the most tight regions of the muscle. This results in a more efficient and more powerful release than stretching or massaging the length of the muscle.
ProSqueeze engineers worked hard create a lightweight design, with foam that’s the
right density and a lever that’s easy to squeeze and feels great in the hand.


Length: 18.5 inches
Height: 7 inches
Weight: 1.2 lbs
Max Squeeze Width: 6.5 inches
Max Squeeze Pressure: 40 lbs

ProSqueeze is on Kickstarter now (Here’s the link) for a super early bird rate of just $59 each for the first five hundred units (estimated retail value: $89).

About TheraBody Technologies: Launched in 2016 by Govinda Bader, TheraBody
Technologies aims to integrate smart design, cutting-edge technology and a deep understanding of the body to create brilliantly innovative products that ease tension, promote healing and improve day-to-day life.

Govinda Bader


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