Set out the change the game of tennis forever, ON’RE Sport CEO Dmitri Diakonov has taken tennis tight innovation to the next level with the CourtViper™ Series One: Stealth Legging. Looking to provide a performance tight for the high-end player, the ON’RE tennis tight features a patented pocket technology that allows for two tennis balls to be placed in the rear side pocket. The result is total security and no hinderance when it comes to swing paths and movement.

Introducing the CourtViper™ Serious One Stealth Legging

After reviewing the CourtViper™ Series: One Stealth Legging, we found the silhouette to be extremely light-weight and comfortable, while providing breathable mess along the shin portion of the garment. Highlighted by MoveDry™, a sweat wicking fabric technology, and the game-changing SlipQuick ™ pockets as mentioned above, ON’RE Sport tights are moving toward becoming an essential item in any serious players wardrobe.

Spending countless hours on R&D to reduce the polyester content while increasing the Lycra® portion of the silouette, ON’RE tights have clearly advanced to the forefront of what a performance tight should feel and play like.

Included with UV protection for training in the sun, ON’RE’s full line of women’s leggings can be found and purchased on their official site:

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