by: Nima Naderi

If you’re in search of a light-weight offering to help speed up your game in 2017, the latest iteration of the Babolat Jet AC could very well be the choice for you.

Packed with many of the great features that Babolat tennis shoes are known for, the Babolat Jet AC provides fantastic stability and secure fitting under all types of court movements. Weighing in at only 12.9 ounces, the Babolat Jet AC does fit on the narrower side and unless you really like a snug fit, then sizing up would be recommended.

Highlighted in an attractive grey, red and blue colour-way, the Babolat Jet AC is built on a durable yet very flexible upper called the Matryx, a fabric that uses Kevlar and Polymide threads to provide great support to your foot.

The low-profile feel of this shoe is achievable in large part due to the Kompressor cushioning technology, that allows for added security and feel when moving around the court. The low-to-the-ground nature of this shoe would be best suited to players that rely on their movement and that take large cuts to out-wide shots.

Finally, the outside is what perhaps best defines this shoe and what has given Babolat a competitive advantage in the industry. The Michelin rubber outsole remains durable and allows for play on clay and hard-courts. Traction is also on point with the Babolat Jet AC and users will appreciate the balance between the weight of this model and the traction that it provides.

All in all, the Babolat Jet AC is best kept as a match day shoe for the serious player. For juniors looking to train 4-5 hours a day, the Babolat Propulse Fury may be a better option.

For more on Babolat and all of their upcoming shoes, rackets and strings, check them out @Babolat on Twitter.

Shoe Rating: 8/10


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