by: Nima Naderi

Winner of three ATP World Tour titles in 2016, Australian youngster Nick Kyrgios continues to prove that his potent serve and powerful forehand are destined to plant him in the top 10. Recently switching his racket to the blue and black version of the Yonex EZONE DR 98, the 21-year-old made good on his change of frame by winning his first-ever 500 level event in Tokyo, Japan.

First off, the Yonex EZONE DR 98 is packed with a  surprising amount of power for a racket with a stiffness index of only 62. Besides the relief that this frame provided in terms of arm comfort, the racket speed that was generated on ground-strokes was impressive. From forehands to backhands, the Yonex EZONE DR 98 allowed for great depth and spin on a variety of different ground-strokes. The 16×19 string pattern certainly helped in the process of generating spin, and the balance between hitting out and controlling the ball was very evident in a majority of shots. Weighing in at a strung weight of 11.5 oz, the EZONE DR 98 could be used for an intermediate level of play, but our recommendation is certainly geared towards an advanced player.

Known for having perhaps the best slice serve in the business, Kyrgios benefits from the trademark Isometric head shape that has made Yonex a unique tennis brand.

Providing ample racket head speed on serves and returns, the EZONE DR 98 has certainly taken the position as Yonex’s most user-friendly frame. The 98 square inch head size was more than enough to keep up with other rackets in the EZONE DR 98‘s class. Off-center hits were forgiving and touch shots around the net were made easy due in large part to the frame’s enlarged grommet holes.

From an aesthetic standpoint, the EZONE DR 98 has to be considered one of the sleekest looking rackets on the market. Highlighted in a sharp black and electric blue color-way, this latest racket for Australia’s top player will have you feeling your best on court.

With a recommended string tension of 45-60LBS, the EZONE DR 98 is also compatible with the SONY Smart Tennis Sensor.

All in all, Nick Kyrgios’ latest frame is certainly worth a try for the intermediate to competitive level player.


Nima Naderi is the Founder/Creative Director of He is also an award winning coach with the PTR and has over 19 years of coaching experience.



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