This patented racket technology, exclusive to Wilson in tennis, is an integrated layer of one-of-a-kind carbon fiber that is placed in precise locations throughout a racket. The benefits to the player are a significant improvement in performance without compromising feel, structure, power or strength by dampening vibration.

Wilson recently worked with the University of Minnesota’s School of Kinesiology to study the effects of Countervail in tennis rackets vs. standard Wilson rackets. Study results revealed players using rackets with Countervail experienced nearly 40% more accuracy and control, 30% less vibration
in the racket, and 10% less arm fatigue.

Patent-pending X2 Ergo Handle allows for an optimal, personalized feel on two-handed backhands. Wilson developed this customized and ergonomic handle shape to provide the ideal form for the top hand for the modern two-handed backhand. This provides players with more power, versatility, leverage, and feel.



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