USPTA and Wilson Sporting Goods Co. Reunite in Multiyear Deal
Wilson becomes official equipment provider of the USPTA

HOUSTON – The United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) announced today it will enter into a three year agreement with Wilson Sporting Goods Co., the global leader in performance tennis. Under the terms of the agreement, Wilson will become the official equipment supplier of the USPTA, providing racquets, balls, strings, grip, bags, 10 and Under Tennis equipment and stringing machines, along with platform tennis paddles and balls for USPTA members and programs. This agreement rekindles a long-standing partnership between the two entities.

The shared focused of the renewed USPTA and Wilson partnership is to bring excitement back into the tennis marketplace. To accomplish this goal, local USPTA-certified tennis professionals that use these Wilson products in their tennis programs will teach the game with the best and most innovative equipment in the industry today.

“Wilson and the USPTA are a perfect match on so many levels, and we are excited to rejoin forces with the best teaching professionals in the industry,” said Hans-Martin Reh, General Manager of Wilson Racquet Sports. “As a brand, our mission is to become the undisputed champion in tennis. To realize that vision, we recognize a renewed focus on grassroots tennis and deeper partnership with teaching professionals are essential.”

“I was fortunate to be a part of the Wilson team 20-plus years ago when USPTA and Wilson were partners,” said John Embree, USPTA CEO. “I feel like the USPTA has returned home. I am excited about what this endorsement will mean to our membership and to the tennis industry as a whole.”

As the official equipment supplier of the USPTA, Wilson equipment and signage will be showcased at all official USPTA events, conferences and promotions. Wilson will join seven other endorsees in making contributions to the USPTA Retirement Gold+ program.

When Wilson and the USPTA were affiliated during the ’90s through the early 2000s, Wilson captured more than 50 percent of market share in the performance racquet category and USPTA grew its membership to 14,000 members worldwide.

Wilson is recognized as the leader in equipment in the tennis industry worldwide. Several top players use Wilson racquets, including legendary Swiss professional Roger Federer and American Serena Williams, who each own the Open Era record for Grand Slams with 17 men’s titles and 22 women’s titles, respectively.


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