Tennis specialist and pioneer Babolat is dedicated to transforming the game with innovative products designed to meet the needs of modern players. Today’s athletes need to be faster than ever before, making lightweight gear key to their success. This need inspired Babolat to launch its most important footwear innovation to date: Babolat JET, an ultra-light tennis shoe created specifically to help players move faster and more lightly on the court.

Babolat continues to push technology to its limits, breaking barriers and defining new industry standards. The new Babolat JET shoe sets a new benchmark for footwear: an ultra-light performance tennis shoe dedicated to speed – and for the first time in the tennis footwear – without compromising on support.

“After inventing strings at the origins of tennis and, more recently, the first connected racket, today we are proud to launch a game-changing innovation in footwear that will allow players to be much faster than their opponents.”
Eric Babolat, Chairman & CEO

Babolat Jet: Because every gram counts

Advances in materials, equipment, conditioning and training have increased the pace of today’s game. Players look for any edge over their opponents: every gram counts.

Bringing lightness to tennis footwear presents a unique challenge. Players not only need speed, but just as importantly, they also need support. Babolat achieves this perfect balance with the JET shoe, creating a revolution.

The new Babolat JET represents one of the lightest and most supportive tennis shoe ever made, offering a uniquely lightweight feel during play. In fact, the JET is so light that playtesters say they forget they’re even wearing the shoe.

Babolat Jet: Giving players what they need, where they need it

Thanks to Babolat’s technical know-how and expertise in tennis footwear, the JET shoe means players won’t have to compromise on lightness or support.

Matryx® Upper

Chamatex, an expert in high performance fabrics, developed the patented Matryx® upper exclusively for Babolat for use in tennis. Made in France and specifically designed for tennis players’ needs, the upper consists of ultra-durable woven Kevlar® and Polyamide fibers – strong non-elastic materials that perfectly support the foot. This unique one-piece upper is woven into different, targeted zones bringing density where players need it most – a real breakthrough innovation.

The modern, sleek, distinctive look of the Babolat JET reveals the reinforced zones, making the areas of support visible to players while creating an eye-catching design sure to turn heads on the court.

Michelin Outsole

An exclusive “S” pattern outsole developed in partnership with Michelin allows for quick changes in direction while providing excellent traction and durability.

NEW! Babolat JET All Court: an ultra-light tennis shoe, designed to help players move faster on the court

  • For competitive tennis players looking for lightness without compromising on support
  • Available models: Babolat JET All Court Men, Babolat JET All Court Women, Babolat JET Clay Men
  • Colors: grey/red and light grey/yellow
  • In-store date at tennis specialty stores: March 2016
  • Suggested Retail Price: $135

For a virtual experience and to find an authorized Babolat dealer, visit: or


  1. Problem is only your SFX are wide enough. Propluse are too narrow, Why do you think Americans have narrow feet? You’re missing out on Millions of sales. I don’t get it. You should have 2E shoe also for thicker sock wearers. Blue SFX fits now but I’m sure the next batch probably won’t.


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