by: Nima Naderi

If you’re looking for a fresh new racket to begin your 2016 campaign, the Wilson Burn FST 99S should be at the top of your list for rackets to try.

Boasting an interesting string pattern of 18×17, the Burn FST 99S will have you ripping through groundstrokes in no time, while providing the necessary spin needed to keep your unforced error count on the down low. Featuring a head light feel to racket, similar to that of Head Graphene XT Extreme MP A, the Burn FST 99S provides tremendous racket head speed on groundstrokes and serves, courtesy of the 72 stiffness index of the frame that will give you the required MPH from the back of the court.

A new tech feature in the Burn line is the introduction of the optional handle inserts to provide optimal leverage on two handed backhands (called X2 Ergo Technology). This latest tech from Wilson will be a welcome feature for two-handed backhand players looking for a more beefed up feel for their non-dominant hand.

For a power-packed frame, the Burn FST 99S is seen by a surprisingly thin beam. The result of the thinness of the beam allows players to take big cuts at the ball but not overhit as much as they would with a thicker beamed racket in the same category. Coming in at 11.1 ounces strung, the Burn FST 99S could use a little more control when volleying at the net but the balance attained when hitting returns and groundstrokes on the run make this an overall great choice for intermediate to advanced players.

Priced at $249 US, the Burn FST 99S is now available for purchase at


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