Being a sponsored pro with Babolat now for over 12 years, I have used every generation of the AeroPro Series, which includes my recent preview of the Pure Aero. Enjoying every model of the collection for different reasons, the Pure Aero Tour certainly brings forth a different experience to its users. Strung with RPM Team at 45LBS, here’s my take on Rafa Nadal’s latest frame.

For starters, the Pure Aero Tour provides way more punch behind forehands and backhands than the regular Pure Aero. Forehands in particular were struck with maximum force, while open-stance backhands on the run were controlled with ease. I must confess that I’m still not fully used to the FSI Technology of the latest Pure Aero Tour. Volleys and serves do require an adjustment period when coming from the Aero ProDrive line. The higher sweet spot is a great new feature, but you’ll have to feel it out.

However, with the Pure Aero Tour being more head light and .5 ounces heavier than the Pure Aero, a substantial difference was definitely felt in terms of performance. Remaining a fan of Aero Pure Drive Roddick in terms of its weight and balance, I found the stock version of Pure Aero Tour to be almost identical.

Being a player that usually puts lead tape at 3 and 9 O’clock as well as full lead strips under the grip, I can honestly say that there’s no need to add any weight to this frame as the balance in perfect.

Remaining the choice of Rafa Nadal and a slew of other top flight professionals, the Pure Aero Tour is definitely worth a spin. Available in various grip sizes, here’s where you can purchase the latest high-end frame from Babolat.

Shop: Canada.

Shop: USA.

Shop: Europe.



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