WHITE PLAINS, N.Y., July 14, 2015 – The USTA today announced that the total purse for the 2015 US Open will increase by $4 million dollars, bringing the total purse for the tournament to a record $42.3 million and a 10.5 percent increase over the 2014 US Open.

Both the men’s and women’s singles champions will earn $3.3 million, the largest payout in US Open history. Each round of the singles competition will see double-digit percentage increases over last year’s record payouts, with the minimum increase of 10 percent for the champions and up to a 14.4 percent increase in the round of 32. Both the men’s and women’s doubles champions will earn $570,000, the highest in US Open history, and overall doubles prize money has been increased by 8.4 percent. The US Open Qualifying Tournament will now offer more than $1.7 million in prize money, a 12 percent increase over 2014.

In the last three years, US Open main draw prize money has increased by 67 percent.

Round-by-round individual prize money for the US Open is as follows:

Singles: Doubles (each team):

Winner:                  $3,300,000                              Winners:                      $570,000

Runner-Up:              1,600,000                              Runners-Up:                  275,000

Semifinalist:                805,000                              Semifinalist:                    133,150

Quarterfinalist:            410,975                              Quarterfinalist:                 67,675

Round of 16:               213,575                              Round of 16:                   35,025

Round of 32:               120,200                              Round of 32:                   21,700

Round of 64:                 68,600                              Round of 64:                   14,200

Round of 128:               39,500

“We continue our commitment to ensure that the US Open offers one of the most lucrative purses in all of sports,” said USTA Chairman of the Board and President Katrina Adams. “As we have stated, total player compensation at the US Open will reach $50 million by 2017.”

This year’s US Open is scheduled for August 31 through September 13, with the US Open Qualifying Tournament beginning on August 25.


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