A new season and a new Babolat racket for 14-time Grand Slam winner Rafael Nadal. Playing with four previous generations of the AeroPro Drive, Rafa has recently opted (with fellow AeroPro Drive user Caro Wozniacki) to switch to the Play AeroPro Drive version for 2015. Packed with the power and control that has made the AeroPro Drive series one of the best selling rackets in the world, the Play edition allows players to track how hard they hit the ball, see their contact point location on the strings, the number and type of shots hit, as well as competing against other Play users worldwide. This new technology, originally brought forth through the Pure Drive series, is a great coaching and player tool when looking to improve on many facets of the game.

With a head size of 100 sq. inches, a length of 27 inches, balance of 13 inches, strungweight of 138, a stiffness of 69 and a string pattern of 16 by 19, the new white, black, orange and yellow colorway will have you connected on every shot!

Providing players with the ability to customize their racket with lead-tape in necessary (without hindering the computer’s performance), the Babolat Play AeroPro Drive is now available for pre-order at TennisWarehouse.com. For our readers in Europe, you can also experience the benefits of the latest Play AeroPro Drive by heading over to TennisWarehouse.com-Europe.

Play like Rafa and enjoy the 2015 season.


  1. It’s a well known fact that the majority of pros do not use the rackets they are promoting. Babolat is even facing a class action lawsuit over this issue. Stop spouting lies just to sell rackets


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