In my latest article for Tennis Canada, I discuss Eugenie Bouchard’s stellar result at Wimbledon and what the future holds in store for the young Canadian. Here’s an excerpt below.

“How can you not like Genie? She tells it like it is and has charisma to spare. Although I could do without her receiving a new stuffed animal after every win, her appeal to a vast audience is rare to find. From knowing how to take the best #selfie on Tour, Bouchard is well spoken, knows how to dress and most importantly knows how to address the media. Another trait that I look for in an upcoming star is how they react in press conferences. You look at Maria Sharapova or Roger Federer and they eat up the limelight and know exactly what to say at all times. However, you observe someone like David Ferrer and even though he’s had a great career, there’s a reason why he’s seldom featured on a show court (his personality is just not that engaging). Thankfully, though, Eugenie or “Genie in bottle” as Brad Gilbert likes to call her won’t ever have that problem.”

Click here to read the full article: TennisCanada.


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