Kennelbach/Austria – May, 2014:

HEAD gives Hollywood’s creative storytelling a run for their money. In a brand new social media driven campaign, the HEAD Racquet Rebels Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic find themselves in a whirlwind of events that might as well have been inspired by a Hollywood movie script.

The campaign kicks off when the two tennis superstars appear in a video that shows them in a rather compromised position: blindfolded in the backseat of a SUV. The internet community is completely left in the dark as to who took the players and why – until the current World’s No. 2 and No. 8 announce that they have been released. Obviously this is not how the story ends.

The following campaign’s hero spot provides some more clues and needed background. After a long ride in the SUV, Novak and Andy find themselves as special guests at a birthday party of a little girl and a strange guy who have one very interesting request: The two tennis stars have to compete against each other in what can only be called the “Ultimate Match”. The catch: only if they go above and beyond and play a match to remember, will their dubious host let them go. What follows now is a battle of the wills with a surprising sudden end involving a net-cord shot, a dog, and a sneaky get-away.

While battling it out during the Ultimate Match, the two tennis superstars are thankfully supported by their respective racquets from the “HEAD Graphene Racquet Series” featuring the exclusive HEAD technology Graphene. The world’s strongest and lightest material allows for the weight on the racquet’s shaft to be distributed where it is needed most for perfect control, playability and more power with every swing.

The hero spot will be published on May 22, 2014 on HEAD’s YouTube channel while a 30 second TV spot will air on Eurosport during the second week of the French Open. The movie trailer like spot will direct viewers to the campaign website which hosts additional information about the story, HEAD products and the innovative technology Graphene. Fans around the world will have the opportunity to participate in an online sweepstake and show their creativity to win special prizes.

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