Nole Hires Muster Fitness Coach

April 26, 2009

It looks as if Nole is starting to take his fitness a lot more seriously. Nole hired Thomas Muster’s (remember him?) ex fitness coach Gebhard Phil-Gritsch. If you don’t remember Muster he was an absolute animal on the court and his fitness was top notch. He recovered from an accident where he was struck by a car from behind while putting something into the trunk of his car. Although many people would have frowned on this, Muster committed himself and got in even better shape and became the epitomy of clay court tennis back in the 90’s.

Djoko started working with Gebhard after his loss to Rafa in the finals of Monte Carlo and the move couldn’t have come at a better time with Novak’s fitness still coming into question and trying to defend his Roma title this week. Not to mention the fact he has his inaugural Belgrade tournament to follow as well as Roland Garros.

“Fitness is what I’m going to need a lot of in the next period, which is very difficult,” Djokovic said Sunday.