2011 US Open Insider Travel Tips!

August 10, 2011 · Print This Article

by: Jeremy Howard

We here at Grand Slam Tennis Tours have been taking people around the world to see tennis for over two decades, and don’t get me wrong we love each destination. Personally, though, I find myself getting far more excited in the few weeks leading up to the US Open than I do for any other event. Perhaps it’s two weeks in NYC; perhaps it’s because I know the US Open is the final Grand Slam of the year; perhaps it’s because I enjoy connecting with 450 clients, both new & old; or most likely it’s some combination. Over the years I’ve been able to come up with ‘Insider Tips’ on how to best enjoy all the action at the US Open. So for those planning on going this year, read on & enjoy…for those who aren’t, we may have a package or two left!

Go to at least one evening match in Arthur Ashe Stadium. Just do it. I don’t care if you get the highest row in the stadium. The atmosphere at a good night match (and most tend to be better than good) is unlike any other atmosphere in tennis. I’ve been on every famous court you can think of and when someone asks me about my favorite matches, I always find myself leaning towards at least three night matches at the US Open.

Of course, one thing that probably helps the atmosphere at the night matches is the Heineken Red Star Cafe, another highlight of your stop at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. I am not here to advocate too much alcohol consumption, but a cold brew between the day & night session can be refreshing. And the people watching at that time is nothing short of South Beach-esque (with more clothes). However, if you are craving some food in addition to your frosty beverage, I’d try Mojito, definitely the best restaurant going that is open to all ticket holders.

Ok, back to some ACTUAL tennis. These tips apply to pretty much every day at the US Open except the last couple: Checkout the side courts. No matter how close you can get on Ashe or Armstrong Stadiums, the outer courts allow you to really get up close and personal. Granted, you aren’t going to see the likes of Nadal, Federer or Clijsters, but some big names do end up on the smaller courts, and the juniors are always fun to watch!

Finally, if you want to pretend you are one of the pros, check out the family friendly SmashZone. In just in it’s third  year, but this indoor facility is already one of the top attractions at the US Open. Complete with loads of interactive games, it’s a great place to work on moving as gracefully as Federer. It can get crowded, so take a break from one of the big matches and while everyone is watching, play for a few minutes. Or of course, you can travel with us and play on the grass courts of West Side Tennis Club at Forrest Hills, just saying…

Jeremy Howard is the Director of Marketing at Grand Slam Tennis Tours. He can be reached at 1.800.289.3333 for all your Tour and Traveling needs.

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