Nestor/Steckley Live & Uncut In Rome

May 4, 2009 · Print This Article

Position: Former Davis Cup player/Current Coach of Aleksandra Wozniak (WTA #26th player in the world)

Our correspondant Rob Steckley was in Rome this past weekend and while he was there he met up with his old buddy Daniel Nestor.  What happened next was captured below.  Check it out along with the hilarious video.

It was about 5 pm on Thursday May 30th. I had just arrived in the players lounge at the Rome Masters series. I heard my name being called from across the room, “Boooooooobbbbyyyyy Steeeeeeeckllleyyy.” I looked to my left and there he was, the proud father of a newly born baby girl, Mr. Daniel Nestor. He asked if I was hungry and we went into the restaurant to have a bite to eat and catch up. He seemed to be glowing for more then a couple reasons. I asked him “why the big smile on your face… You think you’re the joker?” He simply responded, “you’re the joke…err.” But seriously Dan, you look like a million bucks! “I am a million bucks” as he laughs and takes a bite of his pasta. “No seriously it just feels good to be winning again and I’m lucky enough to have my wife and daughter here with me”. Now in the world of professional tennis, it is only the fortunate that is able to travel with their wives, Girlfriends, and families. For the rest of them it’s calling cards, cell phones and Facebook.

Zimojnic join us at the table and greeted me with his ever so famous line “Well if it isn’t the playboy of Canadian tennis!” Only a simple wink was needed on my part as we all laughed. As conversation got underway we somehow how got on the topic of cars. Now most of you don’t know but Zimojnic just recently purchased his first car. A brand new Audi A6 all road. Nestor a self made gazillionaire still drives his 1999 Jeep Cherokee. I and the rest can’t stop giving him a hard time for his decision to remain in the same rust bucket year after year. I speak for myself when I say if I had his bank account I would be flying a spaceship!!! While we are on that topic, I would also host a Grand slam on the moon, ha! The two seemed extremely confident and relaxed in their element and I could tell they were on their way to a 2009 Rome Masters series Victory.

It only seemed too good to be true when Nestor/Zimojnic stepped onto the winner’s podium a couple days later yet again. The Pair had been struggling for a bit with three straight first round losses in a row earlier this year before capturing their first win again in Monte Carlo. This is now the third straight tournament victory in a row for the dynamic duo giving them the upper hand of confidence leading up to the French Open in Paris just a few short weeks away. I asked them how it feels to have three wins in a row under their belt leading up to the French. “It’s always a good feeling to win let alone three in a row. We feel great going into Belgrade and will keep pushing ultimately to peak at the French.”

Now as much as I enjoy their company, I’m a ladies man now and I have duties to perform…. GET YOUR MINDS OUT OF THE GUTTER KIDS!!! My Girl Aleks Wozniak and I are about to head onto court for practice. I bid you farewell and till the next time…… Stay tuned.


This is Stecks Signing off.

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One Response to “Nestor/Steckley Live & Uncut In Rome”

  1. Jake Willens on July 10th, 2010 9:16 pm

    I think men’s doubles dies once the Bryan twins retire!

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